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Those Days is a Christian movie about seven Christians who find each other out in the mountains during the harsh winter where survival of the fittest is down to a few.  Together they gain the courage for martyrdom. 

 This film will have top notch acting! The special effects will be breathtaking, touching and worthy of remembrance. There will be angels, demons, soldiers, scenes of war, destruction and more. 

This movie will be R for violence only. 

Those Days is an honest portrayal of how horrific

 those last days will be.


Director & Cast

Director, Screenwriter

Raven Smith

Raven Smith on Film Freeway

Film Crew

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We are looking for investors!

We are looking for investors, and banking/lending. 

We are looking to co-partner. 

If your not with a  film production company

and would like to see the script, 

please contact me via  your literary/talent agent.

Thank you


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